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Susie Essman played the sassy Susie Greene for all seven seasons of the critically-acclaimed HBO comedy series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Her hilarious bouts of withering sarcasm and uninhibited insults have become her character’s trademark. 

The Los Angeles Times called Susie, “The most lyrical purveyor of profanity on television.  She makes the entire cast of The Sopranos look like rank amateurs.  It really is a gift.”  

The New York Times called Susie, “one of the most vivid characters in the show, whose off-color tantrums have become an audience favorite the way Kramer’s clumsy entrances once were.”

The New York Observer (which calls her “fantastic”) says, “she’s taken female cursing to longshoreman levels, pummeling her bumbling, barrel-bodied husband with potty-mouthed invectives like ‘You fat fuck!’”

Susie’s streetwise vernacular is perfectly suited for her life in Manhattan where she has been a veteran of the world of stand-up comedy for twenty-five years.  She has appeared in her own half-hour HBO comedy special, made numerous appearances on the late night talk show circuit, The View, and Crank Yankers, just to name a few of her many television credits.  She has also acted in numerous films, most recently costarring with John Travolta as the voice of Mittens the Cat in the Disney animated movie Bolt and guest starring in Kevin Smith’s 2010 film, Cop Out

You can currently see Susie on the TV Guide Channel as the host of Curb: The Discussion and she recently added published author to her list of accomplishments.  Her book, What Would Susie Say? Bullshit Wisdom About Love, Life and Comedywas published by Simon & Schuster in the fall of 2009.

Susie divides her time between New York City and upstate New York where she lives with her husband, four step-children, and two dogs.