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Elliott Morgan is a host, writer, comedian, and web personality. He was once asked to be an underwear model, but that was by his wife, and only because he was butt naked at four in the afternoon. Elliott has brought his verbal prowess and unmatched wit (unmatched is an overstatement… his satisfactory wit) to many arenas in the digital and traditional realms. He was one of the original three hosts of the Google-funded, mega-hit YouTube channel, SourceFed. He is currently hosting comedic digital content for the mega-website Mashable. He’s also been a part of other mega-things like Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake, Rhett & Link, The Fine Bros, and The Annoying Orange. Elliott has appeared on Nickelodeon’s Marvin Marvin, as well as offered his sarcasm and dry humor to E! Entertainment, appearing on Live From E! multiple times. Elliott Morgan also performs standup comedy and produces his own thrice-weekly, one-take YouTube show, Happy Hour. Elliott also has his own podcast, but these days, that goes without saying.