Greg Proops Releases “In the Ball Park” Album

Whether it comes to wit, verve, his command of the English language, and his seemingly inexhaustable knowledge of the world, Greg Proops never lets up.

On his sixth record, In The Ball Park, Proops not only shows he can keep up with the changing times in comedy, but can thrive in it on his own terms. You’ll notice on this album, just like much of his discography, that Greg still shifts gears flawlessly between topics, ranging from gun control to white pants to baseball, jokes, jokes within jokes, etc. without needing to take a breath. 

You can see what we’re saying when you listen to this track.

In The Ball Park comes out on this Fri. Nov. 27th, but you can and should pre-order it now oniTunes or on vinyl from AST Records.

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